How to start


  1. To fill the formular for the physician. (It is possible to print it directly here, or to pick up the formular at our driving school).
    Than you have to visit the physician and get the confirmation. (Practical, district, company or attending physician). The physician confirmation must not be older than 3 months.
  2. The application form can be filled in at the day of initiation directly at driving school, or it can be printed and filled in advance.
  3. To come with the above mentioned documents to the driving school (Prague 6, Zikova str. 17, Phone 233 337 788, 777 777 983)
  4. At the day of your education initiation please bring with you necessary stationery, confirmation from the physician, memo pad and money for payment (the whole amount for your training, or partial advance payment).

Thats all! .-)

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